Year 7 Food Tech Video

Food Tech work in Year 7 for the autumn term has been themed on healthy eating whilst preparing for a picnic. We have been looking at the main staple foods such as pasta, rice and potatoes, and then considering why these are an important part of our diet. The pupils have learnt that they are ‘slow burners’ when it comes to releasing energy. If we stock up on these carbohydrates then we should have sufficient energy for the rest of the day.

Having already prepared vegetable wraps and pasta salad, the task was set during a recent session for the pupils to prepare a tuna and rice salad. We started off the lesson by washing our hands and putting on our aprons. We are keen for the Year 7 pupils to become more independent. A large part of this work is to take responsibility to help create a safe cooking environment.

The ingredients were then weighed out following instructions, and we started to prepare the rice. Other ingredients such as peas and sweet corn were also added in with the tuna chunks. The final stage of this exercise was the evaluation – time to eat the tuna salad!

This particular topic will continue through until the end of the autumn term. We are working towards all Year 7 pupils designing, and then cooking their own healthy snack for a picnic. You can find out more about this activity in the short video above.

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