Year 10 Food Tech Video

Year 10 have been continuing to explore the topic of different cultural foods from around the world during recent Food Tech lessons. We are keen for the pupils to understand that although food is a common resource that we all need, different cultures have varying approaches to taste and preparation.

Out current geographical food location has seen the pupils learning and preparing a green Thai curry. We started off the lesson by asking the pupils about how this food might differ to some of the other dishes such as pasta or Greek salads that we have made. Having a spicy taste seemed to be the important feature for a green Thai curry.

Each pupil then went about preparing their own dish. We are keen for the pupils to work as independently as possible. Instructions are given regarding measurements and method. We encourage all pupils however to try and complete the task with as little adult help as possible.

You can watch a wonderful explanation of our recent Year 10 Food Tech session in the video above.

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