Year 9 D & T Podcast

Year 9

Year 9 have started a new project during D & T lessons that will we will be working on for most of the spring term. Each pupil is designing and then making a highly personalised nametag collar that we can then wear with pride.

We started off this work with a rough piece of aluminum. Working in the specialist school D & T lab, our first few weeks of the new term have been spent cutting and shaping the design of our tags. Once this is complete we will then move on to polishing and smoothing the edges. The final part of the project is to stamp our names and dates of births on the tags.

Producing the end product of a nametag is only part of this exercise. We are using this process to help the pupils feel confident and safe in the Lansdowne D & T lab. We spend a great deal of time talking about safety precautions, and how we can all work together effectively in the lab.

Feeling confident in using the many specialist cutting and polishing machines is also a skill that we hope some pupils will then be able to take with them into the world of work. You can catch up with the progress of this project with one of our Year 9 pupils in the recording below.

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