Year 10 Food Tech Video

Year 10 are continuing to explore different foods from around the world. This is part of our topic looking at how food plays an important role in helping to form cultures. We have been looking at the ways in which different countries use food to help create a social setting, as well as the obvious taste differences from region to region.

A recent Food Technology session involved the students designing, preparing and then cooking a chicken tikka masala meal. We wanted to add a slight twist to this theme and so came up with the idea of the Lansdowne School veggie sausage tikka masala!

The pupils were asked to follow a set of instructions to make sure that we prepared our meal in the correct sequence. These included cooking the rice and sausages, preparing the onions and garlic and then making a masala sauce to bind our meal together.

We set different target levels for each pupil during these sessions depending on their ability. Adult help is always at hand, but we encourage our class members to work independently and try and overcome any challenges on their own.

After the Lansdowne veggie sausage tikka masala had been eaten, we invited the pupils to assess their work. Each class member was asked to rate the enjoyment of the meal, and to provide a description of the food in relation to the other cultural meals that we have created. We also looked for improvement – how would each Year 10 pupils change the meal to make it satisfy their own taste preferences? You can watch a video of the Lansdowne veggie tikka masala being cooked above.

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