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Year 7 have been reading the text of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to help improve our understanding of how stories are structured. This is a great story for the pupils to understand the sequence of. The plot contains various main events that need to be placed in the correct order for the overall story to make any sense.

The pupils have enjoyed a shared reading of the story at the start of each lesson. To help Year 7 focus on the main characters, we have introduced various actions to be carried out whenever they appear in the plot. A mention of Snow White leads to a single hand clap; if the story references the Seven Dwarves then we know that we need to put our hands on our head.

Our class reading sessions have also contained some discussion as we progress through the book. We have been asking the pupils questions such as why did Snow White eat the apple? Was this the right thing to do? We have also asked Year 7 to think about some possible outcomes as we progress with the plot.

The pupils have then produced some written work around the story. Some of the students have completed the missing words in a re-writing of Snow White. The task for other class members has been to sequence the story in the correct order. A couple of our Year 7 pupils explain a little more in the video above.

Year 7

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