Year 9 Hockey Video

Year 9 have been improving their hockey skills as part of our current P.E. work. Our learning has started by understanding the importance of having a close control of the ball if we want to succeed. We have shown the pupils that a greater level of control can be gained if we use both hands to hold the hockey stick.

We then carried out a number of warm-up routines to help develop this skill. Year 9 have been dribbling a hockey ball up and down the school court, taking great care to use both sides of the hockey stick. We have seen how this also helps to keep the ball under close control.

Having mastered these skills, we then started to talk about hockey tactics. Year 9 have been taught how hockey is a non-contact sport – we need to hit the ball, and not other players! The pupils have an understanding as to why we need to keep our hockey stick below waist height.

Finally we finished off our hockey P.E. session with a short game situation being set up. We wanted Year 9 to be able to put into practice their close control ball skills, as well as working effectively with a team. You can watch a short video of our hockey learning above, including a short interview with one of the Year 9 players towards the end.

Year 9

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