Year 8 English

Year 8

Year 8 have made some fantastic progress in English lessons throughout the autumn term. We recently re-capped on some of the knowledge that we have been learning, before looking ahead to what we can achieve when teaching starts for the spring term.

Much of our English work has been to help the pupils understands some of the different ways in which we can use words and language to help us with our stories. Year 8 have been looking at what is meant by the use of rhyme within a sentence. We provided some starting points for the students, and then asked them to find a rhyming word: hat and ? Mouse and? Took and?

Alliteration has been another of our learning objectives. Year 8 have been seeing how this form of word formation can make our stories stand out and sound lively.

Similes have also featured in our teaching. By comparing one idea with the actions of another, we have learnt that we can give the reader a better sense of our story.

Finally we have been learning all about onomatopoeia. Oink, meow and chirp are all good examples – the word sounds like the sound being made.

Having re-capped on our knowledge, different table activities were then set up for Year 8. Some pupils created posters to share their knowledge; other students completed a question sheet asking to identify these many new English techniques that we have been learning throughout the term.

You can find out a little more about our work in the recording below.

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