Year 10 Assembly

Year 10

Year 10 are preparing to present a school assembly as part of our PSE lessons. We want to explain to our friends around the school the importance of Nelson Mandela and why so many people wanted to pay their tributes when he passed away.

We have been spending our recent PSE time by putting together a structure for our assembly. The students have decided that a good starting point would be for one of the pupils to act out reading a newspaper with a headline about the death of Mandela. This will then be a good conversation starting point for other class members to join the discussion and explain why Mandela was so special.

The pupils have tried out various role-play situations as part of our preparation for the assembly. We are trying to find a suitable part for each class member that they feel confident in playing.

A large part of our assembly will involve the pupils showing some of the images from their PowerPoint slides. We have been working in the school ICT suite on a presentation all about Mandela. The focus has been to explain why he as sent to prison, how long he was in prison for and why is he now considered such an important worldwide political figure.

As well as the assembly preparations we also spend some of our PSE time generally catching up with the welfare of the students. The Lansdowne staff encourage an open, honest dialogue and invite the students to share any problems or issues that they might have at school. We then talk openly about possible solutions, and how we can work together to make everyone feel welcome in our school community.

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