Year 10 Literacy

Year 10

Year 10 have been getting to grips with a very challenging piece of literature – The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas. This is a piece of fiction that is set during World War Two. It tells the story of a boy who moves out Berlin. He doesn’t fully understand the seriousness of the conflict, nor the fact that his father is a very high-ranking German office.

The main character meets up with a young Jewish boy and they soon develop a friendship. One of the most striking scenes in the book takes place when a concentration camp is mistaken for a local farm.

This is a very demanding text for the Year 10 pupils to be reading. The teaching staff have been impressed with the maturity and depth of understanding that the pupils have made so far.

It is particularly rewarding as Year 10 have been studying factual accounts of World War Two during history lessons. It has been incredibly useful to supplement this knowledge with a piece of fictional writing about the same subject.

Our work to date has included comprehension and some diary-related writing. We wanted the students to try and interpret the novel through the eyes of various characters. We will also make great use of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas during our future drama lessons.

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