Singing and Signing Assembly


Our weekly singing and signing assemblies are continuing to introduce to the students many new and challenging songs. Each Friday morning Miss Shelton leads the shared music sessions. Mikita is able to offer superb signing support.

This is an opportunity not only to share a love of singing with the School Choir, but also to learn. All pupils at Lansdowne School are currently learning to sign and sign Coldplay’s Viva la Vida. This is an incredibly challenging song that has lyrics that we are keen to explore. They have many different layers of understanding.

This work is being backed up during individual year group music lessons with Miss Shelton. Some groups are learning the chord changes and bass parts. We are also adding the beat with the new school electronic drum kit.

Our Friday assembly celebrated the Star Signer of the Week with the achievements of Jason N. Miss Shelton described how he has been making an extra special effort to help other members of the Lansdowne Choir learn the new signs for the Coldplay song.

Individual achievement certificates across all subjects were then awarded, followed by a singing of Three Little Birds. We finished off the Friday morning assembly by singing and signing Happy Birthday to Mr Lee!

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