Year 11 Art Video

Year 11 are continuing to work towards the GCSE Entry Level in art. We have been focusing for a large part of the spring term on the subject of old buildings. We went out on a walk around the local community to observe Victorian buildings, as well as looking at some second hand sources of grand, Victorian designs.

Year 11

This work has now started to develop in a number of ways. The students have created some detailed linocuts based on the stencil drawings from their original sketches. These have now been used to create prints using contrasting mediums such as black on white.

Year 11

Other students are working in the medium of clay to create their final design. We have used the lino prints once again to leave a design on a piece of clay that has been carefully rolled out. This is an incredibly delicate operation that requires plenty of concentration.

Year 11

Once the clay has dried it will be then fired up in a kiln. The student will then complete their clay plaques by painting them in a special clay based gold paint to add a touch of Victorian authenticity.

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