Y7 Concert Rehearsals

Year 7 are preparing for a very special concert as part of our current music lessons. Many of the Year 7 pupils are part of the Lansdowne School Choir. We have received an invite from our friends at the nearby Lark Hall Primary School to perform at their school and showcase our singing and signing skills.

This should hopefully be a rewarding experience for the pupils, many of whom are former pupils at Lark Hall. We are keen to go back to our old school and show them what we have learnt at Lansdowne.

Our keyboard work is also continuing as part of our music learning in Year 7. The pupils were inspired following our recent trip to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra perform at the Royal Festival Hall.

Much to our surprise the orchestra played the Star Wars theme, a composition that we have been learning ourselves on the Lansdowne keyboards. The pupils were able to recognise the heavy use of brass, as well as the timpani drums.

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