Year 11 Drama Video

Year 11 have been looking at the art of improvisation during our weekly drama sessions. The students have been learning how the ability to think quickly on the spot can be a good life skill for us in many different social situations.

We started off a recent session with a slight warm up ahead of the main drama. The headband game is always a favourite with Year 11. Each class member takes it in turn to wear a headband, and then a card detailing either an animal, an object or a type of food is placed on the front of our head. The wearer is not able to see the card.

The task is to ask questions and work out what the card reads on our forehead. This is a great activity to help the students feel confident in asking questions, and thinking logically by using the skill of deduction.

The next activity involved mimes. Each class member is given the choice of a number of roles to act out. Using actions only we perform this task, and then invite our friends to try and guess what we are doing.

With the warm up now complete, Year 11 were ready and focussed for the main activity of improvisation. The teaching staff set up a tough challenge. Working in pairs we were given an opening sentence and a closing sentence. An example might be: “Are you enjoying the heat wave?” …and “They say that we are moving closer to the sun.”

Each pair then had to improvise out the possible conversation that took place in-between these two sentences. We spoke about how the art of improvisation is very much a social skill. If we can make clear conversation around a given topic then we will feel a lot more confident in many different social situations.

Finally we finished off our Year 11 drama session by playing the trail game. This involves a series of three coloured trail stages that each student tries to complete. To advance along the trail we have to correctly answer three general knowledge questions.

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