Year 7 RE Video

Year 7 are currently looking at the Islamic faith as part of our study of the major world religions. We have started our work by researching the five pillars of Islam. The students have been seeing how faith, prayer, charity, pilgrimage and fasting.

Each class has read out an information sheet explaining a little more about these five central beliefs. Communication in Print was used heavily to help the pupils with some of the Muslim ideas. We then matched up each belief by selecting a picture that related to the message.

Our knowledge was boosted by also answering a True or False statement about the Islamic faith. An example might be that Muslims pray twice a day. From our research we have seen how Muslims pray five times a day, and so this statement is false.

Our understanding of the five pillars of Islam has been backed up by a useful class discussion. We encouraged each pupil to participate and offer some possible reasons or meanings behind the beliefs that we have been learning.

You can watch a couple of the Year 7 pupils read out their work on the five pillars in the video above.

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