Year 7 Science

Year 7

Our science work for the summer term in Year 7 will focus on different types of forces. The pupils so far have been looking at pushes, pulls, gravity, up thrust and air resistance.

We have learnt about the history of forces and how they were first discovered. Year 7 have researched the famous Sir Isaac Newton story of the falling apple.

The pupils have also been playing a forces game with a partner. One class member nominates a particular force for their partner to act out. We have seen through this activity that forces can be experienced all around us in the Lansdowne School environment.

Year 7 have advanced this work to show which forces are strong, and which are weak. We set up a well-managed arm wrestling situation within the classroom. Two competitors took each other on, whist a third class member had to make a prediction first as to which direction the strongest force would act. We varied this experiment by asking the arm-wrestlers to use both their strong and weaker arms.

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