Y8 Electrical Circuits

Year 8 have been learning how to build electrical circuits as part of our science work for the summer term. We started off this topic with a series of table activities. All pupils completed a worksheet showing the symbols for various electrical components. Familiarity with these signs was an important part of the practical learning ahead.

Mr. Peters then set a circuits competition. An electrical circuit was drawn on the class whiteboard. The task was to count how many components we could see in the circuit, and then to predict what might happen if we were to build the circuit.

This then led the students to the practical learning. A large collection of different circuit parts were made available. We asked the pupils to experiment and try and build a complete circuit.

Adult supervision was available, but we wanted the Year 8 students to either succeed or fail through their own learning. If a circuit didn’t work then we talked through what was happening, and where the problem might be. Each group was able to build an electrical circuit that powered a specific component. You can watch some of these activities taking place in the video above.

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