Year 9 PSHE Research

Year 9

Our PSHE work in Year 9 at Lansdowne School has involved the students researching and preparing a subject that they would like to learn more about. The teaching staff are keen to find out what the personal interests and ambitions of each pupil are. This will help us to develop future teaching.

We asked each Year 9 class member to prepare a presentation on thier chosen topic. The subject range was diverse: healthy eating, staying safe online, how to become a games designer, how to prepare a CV and job interview techniques, what is the management structure at Argos, how to buy products at Argos and how to save money.

All students have researched their area online. A PowerPoint presentation has been prepared which we will then share with the rest of our class friends.

This PSHE task has been a very useful exercise in helping to understand the personal development of each pupil, as well helping them to improve their own presentation skills.

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