Singing & Signing Assembly Recordings

Lansdowne School Choir

Miss Shelton welcomed all pupils to a recent Lansdowne School Singing and Signing assembly and then set a challenge. We heard how some of the songs that we would be singing during the morning has some fairly tricky signs to accompany them. Thankfully Mikita was at hand to lead the signing, along with some special help from a couple of Lansdowne School Choir members.

Our first song that we sung was What a Wonderful World. This is a fantastic choice for the pupils at Lansdowne School as the lyrics contain many key words and ideas that we use throughout our teaching. These include many different colours, descriptions of nature and feelings of emotion.

Miss Shelton then asked the assembly to congratulate Theo in Year 7 as the Star Signer of the Week. Theo has been a Lansdowne student for only a few weeks but he is already making a significant contribution to the school choir. Theo was taught how to sign at Livity, his previous primary school. It is great to see him carrying on with this skill and helping to support the other children.

Theo then selected Waving Flag as the next song to sing. This is always a Lansdowne favourite and is performed with great enthusiasm.

Mr Hilton then invited other high achievers throughout all school year groups to come to the front of the school assembly and be applauded for their high level of work that has been achieved over the past week.

The Star Class of the Week trophy was presented to Class 8NM. Mr Hilton explained how all students have been able to complete their tick sheets this week, as well as receiving gold certificates.

Finally we finished our Singing and Signing assembly by singing happy birthday to three students who have been celebrating this week.


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