Year 9 Pop Art Printing Video

Year 9 at Lansdowne School have advanced to the next level of their pop art printing project. The pupils have been learning this term about the pop art style, and how this form of artwork relied heavily on the use of graphic design.


Each class member has designed their own print based on the font and style of our favourite chocolate bars. Having sketched and then painted these designs, Year 9 were then ready to move on to the printing stage. We transferred our designs on to a poly block printing surface using a pencil. We then used a roller to add some printing ink to the block.


The pupils have also experimented with the idea of an overlay. This is where we add a second layer of ink to our design in a different colour to the original print. The effect is achieved by hollowing out the main font that is in the poly block, and then carefully placing a second layer on top of our original design.

Sounds confusing? Year 9 explain all in the video above.




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