Year 7 New Class Reading Book


Year 7 have started to read and explore a new class book as our literacy learning continues in the spring term. The pupils are at an early stage of reading Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh. We started off this work by thinking about animals that might feature in our own personal favourite books or TV programmes. The Year 7 pupils were able to reference many different animal characters that they are already familiar with.

We then thought about the tile of the Mrs Frisby book, as well as looking at some of the illustrations. A useful exercise before we started to read the book was to think together as a group about who the main characters might be and what the plot might be about.

A little more information was then found in the blurb. We held a class discussion about what problems Mrs Frisby might encounter in the book and how she might be able to overcome these.

Year 7 then read the first chapter of the book together. Questions were asked by the teaching staff as the plot developed. The session ended with a recap about what we now know about the characters in the book as well as the setting. This work will continue over the coming weeks with various written activities also being completed by the pupils.


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