Year 8 Racket Sports Video

Year 8 PE from Lansdowne School on Vimeo.

Year 8 have been making great improvements as we continue to learn about racket sports during our PE sessions. Badminton, short tennis and table tennis have been the core focus during recent PE lessons.

Mr Lee has been helping the pupils with the different techniques that we need to succeed in each sport. Although all three involve similar equipment, there are differences in how we need to hold the rackets. The rules and scoring systems also vary. This has all formed part of our learning.

As you can see from the short video above – we have some incredibly impressive table tennis players in Year 8! Table tennis is an activity that is available for all pupils to enjoy in the playground during playtime. The practice is clearly paying off.

The sessions always end with an evaluation of how our skills have been developed. Mr Lee asks each class member what they have learnt, and what they need to achieve next time to improve their skills. We are hopeful of being able to stage a full class racket sports tournament before the end of the spring term.






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