Year 10 ICT Presentations

Year 10 have been researching ideas for alternative energy sources as part of the science curriculum for the spring term. The students have now completed some impressive brochures using Microsoft Publisher as the main software to produce these.

Clear objectives were set by Mr Peters: the pupils were asked to share and present their research findings, plus also to all raise their achievement levels as we continue to develop our ICT skills.

The Science and ICT learning then progressed with a new online package being used to help present our work. Mr Peters introduced the students to Prezi – an online package that is far more powerful than Publisher. Presentations can be carried out online. Multi-Media embeds such as videos can also be inserted.

A deliberately brief overview was provided by Mr Peters. The aim here was to use our existing ICT skills and to see what Prezi has to offer. The subject matter for our presentation was the use of fossil fuels.

Mr Peters asked Year 10 to look for both similarities and differences between Publisher and Prezi. The teaching staff were also keen to find out which package the students preferred to work with.

The content from our Publisher presentations was then imported over to Prezi. The information had already been produced – this was an opportunity to add extra elements such as video, as well as to improve the design.

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