Year 11 Rounders Video

Year 11 have been improving their rounders skills during recent PE lessons at Lansdowne School. This is a sport that all students are able to access. Different skills are needed. We have found that some of the pupils are superb at striking the ball. Other pupils have proven to be useful fielders.


Different work stations were set up in the school court to help develop these skills. Pitching and throwing involved a pair of pupils either throwing or rolling a large rounders ball back and forth. A catching glove was used to help with this exercise.


Striking the ball was improved with an activity set up to help develop hand to eye coordination. The Year 11 students hit a rounders ball that was balanced on a pole. We asked the pupils to vary the angel in which they were making contact with the ball. We could then see how this changes the height in which the ball will travel.


A final exercise involved the ball being thrown into a net from varying distances. This helped the students with their fielding practice. It is important not to under or over throw the ball when we are playing the game.


A match situation was then set up in the school court. A red team took on a blue team. Scores were kept, as well as a consideration for rules and tactics. Mr Lee reminded Year 11 that we can’t overload the bases, and need to think about where our team members might be as we are running around.




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