Year 9 Chocolate Cake Baking Video

Year 9 have been busy baking chocolate cakes as part of our food tech learning. The students are encouraged to work as independently as possible. This begins at the start of the lesson when the recipe and instructions need to be completed on our food tech sheets. These are then followed throughout the session. Adult help is always available for any pupils that might need some support.

The chocolate cakes were quite a challenge for Year 9 to bake. The recipe involved not only having the exact amount for each ingredient, but also following closely the sequence of events. It was important that the mixture was at the correct stage whenever a new ingredient was added before progressing on to the next instruction.

We also had to make sure that the ingredients were ready to be used. An example is the melted chocolate chip buttons. Once these had been melted in the microwave we had to stir them so that the chocolate wouldn’t set. We also had to wait for the chocolate to cool down before we could add it to the overall mixture.

The end result was a perfectly formed chocolate cake being baked by every Year 9 pupil. An evaluation exercise then took place. We asked the pupils what they had learnt, and how they could possibly improves on any of their techniques. The chocolate cakes were then taken home to share amongst family and friends.













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