Constructing Volcanos in Year 8!


Year 8 are now coming to the close of their geography unit looking at some of the main countries found in the Asian continent. The pupils have been looking at some of the landmarks that are in the part of the world, as well as learning about the various geographical natural phenomenon that exist.


This has led Year 8 to looking in detail about volcanoes. The pupils have researched the history of Mount Fuji. This then inspired Year 8 to build some models of the famous volcano. We used paper mache as the main base, and then painted the models once this had hardened.


These were no ordinary display models however – Year 8 actually made some active volcanoes! We used a combination of vinegar and bicarbonate soda to safely reenact our volcanoes erupting outside in the school playground. The effect was highly realistic!


The final few humanities sessions ahead of the break have been spent learning about the Easter story in Year 8. The pupils have watched a short film explaining the Easter story and the significance that it holds for Christians. This can be a complex story for the pupils to understand. We have been impressed with the maturity that each class member has shown.


The final task to be completed before the Easter break was for Year 8 to make their own Easter baskets. Each class member personalised their design, and then carefully constructed their models. Mini-eggs were then placed in these to take home.






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