Year 8 Basketball Video

Year 8 have been improving their basketball skills during the first PE sessions of the new summer term. Mr. Lee has been showing the pupils how close ball control is a key skill in this sport.


Our learning started with some dribbling activities. One arm had to stay behind our back, whilst the other was used to bounce the ball up and down the basketball court. This exercise was then repeated, with both hands being used as we alternated the bounce from left to right.


Mr. Lee explained how we need to bounce the ball, and not slap it. This helps us to keep a close control of the ball.


As well as dribbling, catching is another key skill in basketball. This skill was developed by bouncing a basketball against the wall and seeing how many times we could catch it whilst being timed.


The Year 8 pupils then partnered up with one another. Chest passes across the court were practised. Once again these were timed. The PE teaching staff were looking for the correct technique in passing the ball. The power comes from pushing the ball from a chest height.


Shooting practice then followed. Each class member had five shots from five different cones. Once the confidence levels had been built up then we set up a basic basketball game to make use of these skills.


You can watch a young Year 8 pupil demonstrate what he has learnt in the short video below.






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