Year 8 New ICT Topic


The Year 8 pupils at Lansdowne School have started to research a very thoughtful topic as part of our continued ICT learning. The students will be using the school computers to present their work based around the theme of child labour.

We started off this work by staging a class discussion to see what existing knowledge the pupils had. Year 8 then watched a short video which looked at the history of child labour in this country.

We saw how some Victorian children as young as five were forced to work just so that they could survive. This knowledge will be used over the coming weeks so that Year 8 can produce a newspaper report using the powerful Publication2 software.

Before they started to prepare the report, Year 8 then brainstormed some of the ideas and content that we can see in a newspaper. We came up with a list that included a name for the newspaper, a headline, the main news stories and some pictures.

Year 8 also looked at the popular First News newspaper. This is a publication that is aimed specifically at young people. It reports on all world news stories.

The next step will be for the students to start to write the actual newspaper story ahead of publishing it in their own newspaper. We have asked the pupils to compare the lives led by Victorian children living in London with that of their own lives in the modern day city.

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