Year 10 Shakespeare Recording


Year 10 have been studying Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet as part of our literacy and drama learning at Lansdowne School. We started this work by watching a short film that introduced the pupils to the main characters and summarised the plot.

The students then looked at some of the text by reading some short passages from the play. In particular we have focussed on the battle between the Capulets and Montagues. Written work has included comprehension exercises to help Year 10 reinforce the knowledge that we have learnt.

The pupils then started to consider a little more about the character of Benvolio. He plays a key role in the battle between the warring families, yet is often misunderstood. Year 10 were set the challenge to write a diary entry, putting themselves up as the character of Benvolio.

The idea was to use written text to try and understand his motivations, and to see how his thoughts and actions then influence the rest of the story. You can listen to a couple of Year 10 pupils reading abstracts from their Benvolio diary entries in the recording below.

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