Year 8 Tchouk Ball PE Video

Year 8 have been introduced to the game of tchouk ball as we continue to improve our ball possession skills as part of our PE learning. Tchouk ball is a game that is similar to basketball as it requires players to pass the ball around. The main difference is that a point is scored when the ball is rebounded off a small trampoline net, and then caught by the same attacking player.


Tchouk ball is a non-contact sport. Mr. Lee explained to the Year 8 pupils the skills that we need to succeed. Finding space is important when we are attacking. Blocking is fine when we are defending, but we can’t touch our opponents.


The students warmed up with three different workstations. One activity involved throwing the ball at the net and then catching the rebound. A separate group practised possession by passing the ball around with one defender there to block. A final workstation involved practising chest and bounce passes.


The Year 8 PE session came to a close with a full on game of tchouk ball. Mr. Lee encouraged the pupils to use all of the skills that we had been practising.

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