Year 9 Literacy and Drama


Year 9 have been taking part in a series of language and listening games during recent drama sessions at Lansdowne School. The pupils paired up with a partner. We used a book to put up a barrier between our workspace.


Each pupil was then given an identical beach scene, as well as a series of cards showing beach images such as a boat, the sun or a sandcastle. One friend then placed a picture in a particular location. This then had to be described as accurately as possible so that our partner could put the picture in the exact same place on their backdrop.


Using instructional vocabulary was key here. We encouraged the pupils to use words such as top, bottom, left, right, place, next to, underneath, etc. Once all of the cards had been positioned, we checked the accuracy of our verbal instructions and listening skills to see if both of the pictures were identical.


Pictionary is also proving popular as part of the recent Year 9 drama sessions. A card containing an item for a pupil to draw is presented. Each class member then uses their drawing skills to draw the image on the class whiteboard. Our friends have to guess what is being drawn.

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