100% Achievement from Class 8NM


Class 8NM are celebrating with an amazing 100% record for their tick sheets for the past week. This means that ALL pupils have 100% attendance, plus ALL pupils have earned five starts for every lesson throughout the week. This led to Class 8NM being awarded the Star Class of the Week trophy at a recent singing and signing assembly.

There was also impressive showings from Class 11RM and Class 10MK, both of whom achieved an 86% success rate. Class 11JP achieved high as well with a strong 75%.


The achievement of individual pupils was also recognised during the assembly. Certificates of achievement across all curriculum areas were presented. One Year 10 student managed to pick up three certificates across three subject for this week. You can listen to him explain a little more about his achievements in the recording below.

The Lansdowne School Choir led the way during the assembly with some fine singing and signing performances. Imagine was a peaceful way in which to start a Friday morning. This soon livened up with the singing of Waving Flag. The assembly came to a close with the whole school singing Happy Birthday to Alex in Year 7.



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