Year 8 Netball Video

Year 8 have just started to learn about the game of netball as part of our PE learning at Lansdowne School. Mr. Lee started the session by stating that teamwork is essential if we want to succeed.

Comparisons were made with basketball. We asked the Year 8 pupils to think of the similarities and differences between the two sports. The students noted that we can’t dribble or move with the ball whilst playing netball.

Three workstations were set up to help develop the Year 8 netball skills. A timed shooting competition took place between a pair of pupils. Another activity involved a piggy in the middle set up. A final workstation helped to develop the three types of passes that we use in netball – the bounce pass, the chest pass and the long pass.

The pupils gained some confidence in their skills and so Mr. Lee then set up a short game situation. We asked the pupils at the end to evaluate how they had improved their own game. Some class members stated that their passing has improved, but this is a skill that we can carry on improving.

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