Year 10 Explore Music Apps on iPads


Year 10 have been incredibly creative during recent music sessions at Lansdowne School. Each student has started work on composing their own piece of original music using the school iPads.

The pupils were introduced to the Garageband software. This is an incredibly powerful piece of programming that allows each class member to add in a rhythm and other instruments, and to create a unique piece of music.

Miss H explained some of the tasks that the students were expected to achieve as part of this work. We wanted to hear evidence of a change in tempo, a pitch alteration and some thought about how the dynamics of our music could change. The structure and range of instruments being used were also important.


The starting point for our composition was to first set up a drum beat. Garageband allows many different variations. Once this was in place, the different layers of other instruments could be added. Keyboards and guitars were popular choices.

Each class member then presented a work in progress playback of their compositions. This work will continue for the remainder of the term with the students looking at creating as much variance in their work as possible.

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