Year 8 Indoor Cricket Video

Year 8 have been greatly enjoying some indoor cricket games as part of our first PE sessions for the new term at Lansdowne School. Mr. Lee started the session by asking the pupils about the different roles needed to play cricket. The pupils have been learning some of the specific skills needed to be bat, bowl, field or keep wicket.


One of the techniques that was used to demonstrate a good bowling action involves how the bowler should stand at the wicket. This was described as a ‘stick man’ position, with both legs wide apart and the arms raised at a parallel height. A finger is used to add direction to the ball.


Year then took part in an indoor cricket game situation. Two teams competed, with each class member given a chance to rotate and try each role. A large, soft ball was used for the game so that everyone felt safe whilst playing.


You can watch some of the Year 8 cricket action in the short video above.







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