Y10 Consider Ideas for End of Year Show


Year 10 have been using their knowledge of musical theatre as we start to think about a possible end of term musical celebration at Lansdowne School. The initial idea came from the Lansdowne School Council.

Miss G has been developing this idea by working with a number of year groups to try and see how the play might develop. Year 10 were asked during a recent music lesson to brainstorm some ideas for the end of term production.

Each class member wrote down a list of possible plays that could be performed. The students were also asked to think about what might be needed to stage a production. This included costumes, scenery and musical arrangements.

The pupils then thought about some of the skills that different students have, and how these could be incorporated into the end of term play. Roles such as a script writer, a narrator and musicians were identified.

The next stage in this process will be for all students to vote on which play they would like to perform. Auditions will then take place, as well as the musical rehearsals.

Meanwhile other musical work in Year 10 has started to look at different forms of rhythm that we can hear in various musical styles. The starting point for this was watching a short clip from the West Side Story musical. The pupils were asked to observe the rhythm in the song America.

The class then broke into small groups. Each class member was asked to play out the main rhythm in the song using one of the school drums. As well as keeping time with the beat, Miss G also asked the students to try and repeat the variations in the loud and soft parts of the rhythm.

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