Year 9 Food Tech Evaluation


Year 9 have been working on improving various kitchen based skills during the first few Food Tech sessions of the new school term. The Lansdowne School kitchen has just received the delivery of a new set of cookers. A large part of our learning has looked at how to use these in a safe way.

The pupils recently spent a session preparing and cooking spaghetti bolognese. This also required the students to work on improving their chopping skills, as well as evaluating their preferences when it comes to flavours and spices.


Mr Mclaughlin is also keen for the Year 9 students to continue with their good kitchen habits. This includes tidying up and washing the equipment as they go along. All of the class members were able to follow the recipe that was handed out. Some of the students cooked with meat, whilst others followed a vegetarian recipe.

A brief tasting session then followed. This then led to the students evaluating their own work. A worksheet was completed, listing the tool and equipment used, as well as describing some of the choices that had to be made as part of the food preparation.


Year 9 had to decide if this was a healthy or unhealthy food option. The pupils looked back at some of the ingredients that that had used, before making this decision.

The food tech was also linked in with the recent science sessions in Year 9. The students were able to identify that the spaghetti is a carbohydrate, the meat is a protein and the onions and carrots are part of the fruit and vegetable food group.


Finally a written opinion was required to describe if this had been a successful recipe in which to prepare. We wanted to the pupils to use many different adjectives to describe the taste of their food.



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