Class 10DL Guy Fawkes Assembly


Class 10DL recently put on a highly visual Bonfire Night assembly for the other pupils and staff at Lansdowne School to enjoy. Mr Lee welcomed everyone to the assembly, and explained some of the background to Bonfire Night and what our friends can expect from the Class 10DL assembly.


The students then took centre stage in the hall and acted out the Gunpowder Plot story. The drama skills of all class members were showcased with each pupil having a speaking part.


The characters included Guy Fawkes, King James and even an executioner. Many different costumes and props were used. These were made by the pupils during their class tutorial time.


The Guy Fawkes story has also been researched during class time. Class 10DL have studied in detail the events that led up to Guy Fawkes being executed for attempted treason. This sequence of events was then acted out during the assembly.


The assembly came to a close with the students explaining the connection between the Gunpowder Plot story, and the why we still light bonfires and watch firework displays over 400 years later.


Mr Lee concluded the Class 10DL assembly by reminding all pupils about the importance of safety when we are attending a fireworks display. The students all lit a sparkler, and then demonstrated how we can safely put these in a bucket of water once we have finished.

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