Year 10 Keyboards and Drums Video

Year 10 are working towards staging a possible musical performance for the rest of the Lansdowne School pupils to enjoy. Our regular music sessions with Miss H have been focussing on learning the melody and rhythm for the song America from the West Side Story musical.

This is a song that has a snappy, precise rhythm. Some of the pupils have been taking on the role of supplying the rhythm by playing the school drums. We have been working in small groups, with each class member varying their role to add different layers to the beat.

Another group of Year 10 musicians have been working in pairs on the Lansdowne School keyboards to come up with the melody arrangements for the song. The students have been experimenting with different keys for the song, and then thinking about the best combination to be played together.

All of this musical activity has been videod and then shared amongst the three Year 10 classes. The aim is to offer up a critical analysis of how each musician can continue to improve their skills. Miss H has explained that it is a key skill to be able to identify how we can make our performances sound even more powerful.



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