Moving Year 9 Paris Tribute Assembly


Class 9NM put on an incredibly moving assembly one week after the terrorist attacks that took place in Paris. The pupils have been following the events on the news. They wanted to share their knowledge during the assembly, and help other students at Lansdowne School to understood the background to what took place on the streets of Paris.


Plenty of research and preparation went into the assembly. Class 9NM have been practising their parts for the assembly for the past few days. This led to a very professional and mature assembly that was able to inform other pupils about an incredibly sensitive news story.


The assembly started with different class members recounting what took place in Paris during the terrorist attacks. A short news clip was then shown to help accompany this knowledge.


Class 9NM then spoke about the UK approach to helping to keep people safe. The pupils explained how the police are working to keep peace on the streets where we live. The students also suggested talking to a family member or teacher if we were concerned about what took place in Paris.


Each class member has proudly produced a colourful poster showing our feelings and support for the people living in Paris. These were displayed towards the end of the assembly.



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