Year 10 Self Portrait Progress


Year 10 have been continuing their work looking at different types of self portraits as part of their art learning at Lansdowne School. The students have now completed their own self portraits inspired by the work of Frida Khalo.


The style of this work involves a very personal theme being added to the portraits. Items of personal significance were included in the final paintings.

The students have recently started looking at the style of Chuck Close, the American painter and photographer. This is an artist that applies a unique approach to his work, having been left paralysed and unable to move freely around his studio.


Miss Jordan demonstrated to the students how the work of Chuck Close has many elements of photo realism. Large scale pixels are used in the paintings, blurring the boundaries of photography and painting.


The remainder of the first half of the spring term will see the students use a grid to help them create a self portrait in the style of Chuck Close. Particular attention will be paid to use light and dark shading pixels to reflect skin tones.





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