Year 8 Bake Tasty Banana Cakes

The Year 8 pupils recently baked a healthy banana cake as part of their food tech learning at Lansdowne School. The students are now at the stage where Mr. Clarke expects them to work as independently as possible. Adult supervision is always available, but it is the responsibility of the class members to source their own equipment, and then follow the recipe instructions very carefully.


This involved some careful measuring of the various ingredients. The pupils have been working on knowing how to self-correct their measuring skills and to judge successfully the correct amount for each ingredient.


Some new baking techniques were introduced during this session. It was demonstrated what it means to ‘fold’ a mixture in a bowl. This is different from simply stirring the mixture. The pupils learnt that a folding technique is used when a mixture has already been whipped.


There was also an element of science understanding in this work. The Year 8 class members were asked to think what affect adding baking powder might add to the mixture. The banana cakes were also incredibly healthy. We spoke about what the health benefits might be.


The final part of this learning involved an element of self-evaluation. Each class member was asked to consider what tools they had used, the skills that have been learnt, what they enjoyed the most and how they could develop these skills further.





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