Year 10 Cricket Coaching Video

With the summer months soon approaching, the Year 10 students at Lansdowne School have started to work on improving their cricket skills as part of our regular PE sessions. Mr. Lee and his team have explained to the pupils that three main skill sets can be worked on: bowling, catching and batting.

A recent session started off with three workstations being set up based upon each learning intention. Overarm bowling has been introduced to the pupils. The first activity involved bowling a tennis bowl with the aim of hitting the stumps.


Guidance was given about what is considered a legal delivery in cricket. The pupils were asked to keep their bowling arm straight. A small square was taped out in front of the wicket. This was where we needed to aim for the ball to bounce.

Catching involved pairs of pupils trying to complete as many successful catches between them as possible in a given time frame. Scores were kept, with other pupils then trying to improve on these stats.


The batting coaching involved the pupils learning how to hold the bat, and where to position themselves in front of the wicket. The pupils were asked to explore different types of shots, and to vary the power and direction of their strokes.


The Year 10 PE session came to a close with a game of Action Cricket being set up. This is an activity that is ideal for indoor facilities. Different points are awarded depending on whereabouts in the sport hall the ball is hit.

You can see the Year 10 cricket skills being improved in the short video above.

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