Year 11 Autobiograpahy Recording


The Year 11 students at Lansdowne School are working well on their GCSE English coursework. One of the themes for the syllabus is the idea of autobiographies. We have been discussing in class some of the defining features that make this style of writing different to some of the other genres that we might read.

The pupils have been asked to write a short passage about their own lives. A starting point for this work has been to think about a special event in their lives, and then to carefully re-tell the tale in as much detail as possible.

We have seen how an autobiography can be a very powerful piece of writing as it contains information that is previously only known to the author. The Year 11 students have been encouraged to share as much as this as possible to make their stories sound unique.

You can listen to one of the students reading a work in progress from their opening passage in the short recording below.

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