Year 12 Prepare Fairytale Performance Drama


The Year 12 students at Lansdowne School are currently working on an ambitious piece of drama. Miss Moorhouse has been helping the pupils to create their own fairytale inspired piece of drama performance.

We started this work by looking at some of the common characteristics that we can see in fairytales. We have also looked at the origins of this genre with the work of the brothers Grimm.

The pupils then split into small group. Each group chose a traditional fairytale as their starting point. Miss Moorhouse then encouraged the Year 12 students to be highly creativity by writing a script that was loosely themed on the original.

Elements such as poetry, dance, statues, costumes and masks were all encouraged. The pupils also had the freedom to twist the plot around and change the direction of the story.

Each group will spend a couple of more drama sessions perfecting their performance pieces. These will then be acted out in front of all of our friends towards the end of the term. You can listen to one of the students read out her Peter Pan inspired poetry in the recording below.


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