Year 7 Tasty Sandwich Food Tech Challenge

Our recent food tech challenge in Year 7 at Lansdowne School was to design and make the ultimate sandwich. The pupils have been thinking about their own personal food choices, with particular attention as to how we can improve the quality of our diet. A healthy sandwich seemed like the perfect activity!

The first stage was to talk about the choices that were available. Each class member had to consider what type of bread they enjoy eating. This could be white or brown, as well as other bread variations such as baguettes or tortilla wraps.

The next decision involved the filling. The only instructions from Miss White was that our sandwich had to contain some heated meat, or a vegetarian alternative. This then led Year 7 to think about how they could cook their meat, and what additional fillings might make a tasty accompaniment.

Instructions were then written out by each class member ahead of the preparation. These were followed step by step, to make sure that we kept to the correct sequence whilst making our sandwiches.

Lansdowne Food Licences were also being assessed throughout this project. We have some strict criteria to meet involving kitchen safety. This can then lead to the awarding of a licence in areas such as knife safety and working with a hob.

The final task was to evaluate the taste of our personalised sandwiches. Most of the Year 7 pupils concluded that they had made the correct choice with their ingredients.

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