Year 8 End of Term Maths Learning

The Year 8 pupils have been working hard on a number of different maths activities as we approach the end of the autumn term. Some of the higher level pupils have been solving addition and subtraction sums using inverse operations.

Miss V has been helping the pupils to work through the correct technique. A sum such as 20+10 has been used as the starting point. We have seen how the answer of 30 can then be used to complete two other sums.

The biggest number forms the start of the new sum, and then we work backwards. This example would lead us to 30-10=20. We can also then give the example of 30-20=10. Year 8 then concluded that for each addition statement, we can then come up with two subtraction statements.

Other Year 8 pupils have been writing different number sentences. The challenge was set to write as many correct sentences using a selection of numbers. Extra marks were awarded if the pupils could find the highest or lowest number sentences.

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