Year 7 Food Tech Gluten Free Cooking

The Year 7 students at Lansdowne School have started a new food tech topic for the spring term. We will be learning about different dietary requirements and how to prepare some of this food over the coming weeks.

Our learning started off with a class discussion about why some people may have a particular dietary need.The students suggested that some religions might not eat a particular type of food, or perhaps some people might not eat a certain food for health reasons.

Mr Evans then asked Year 7 to explain what is meant by the phrase gluten free. We found out that gluten is usually a flour based type of food. This means that traditional bread or pasta are not part of a gluten free diet.

Our practical food tech work for this session involved baking a gluten free baked oat cup. The pupils studied in detail each ingredient to make sure that it contained no gluten.

Individual recipe sheets were handed out. Mr Evans expects the pupils to work as independently as possible. The right ingredients, and the right amount all need to be prepared by each pupil. The class members were asked to select a choice of topping.

The end result was some highly tasty gluten free baked oat cups to take home and share. You can find out a little more about this food tech task in the short video above.

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