Year 12 First to Use the New Lansdowne Trampoline

The Year 12 students were privileged to be the first in the school to use our new Lansdowne trampoline. Our amazing new sports hall now has the capacity to be used for trampolining sessions.

A gentle warm up started off the lesson. Mr Lee emphasised the importance of safety. Large crash mats were placed around the trampoline. Pupils and staff took on the role of spotters. Their role is to make sure that no one falls off the trampoline.

A final recap and practise took place on the school gym floor. The Year 12 students have been coached to use their arms to help gain extra height. We have also learnt how we can stop by bending our knees and putting our arms out.

It was now time for the first ever gymnast on the Landsdowne School trampoline!

A series of moves were built in to help form a routine. These included five bounces and a stop, five bounces and then touching our knees with our hands, and then five jumps and a half turn.

This was a wonderful debut for the Lansdowne trampoline. The Year 12 students showed no sign of fear and were confident. Our trampoline routines will be developed over the coming weeks.

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