Year 7 Introduction to Lansdowne Guitars

Year 7 have been continuing to learn about rock music and the instruments that help to make up this sound. Music teacher Mr Gratton started a session by playing three different rock bands: Beach Boys, Van Halen and the Police.

The pupils had to identify the instruments that they could hear. Mr Gratton also wanted to know how this music made the pupils feel. This helped the class members to understand that rock music has similar sounds, but it can also lead to different emotions.

Some wonderful vocabulary came out of this exercise. Some of the words used to describe the music included exciting, anxious and confusing!

The practical part of this learning involved the pupils playing on the school guitars. Mr Gratton is helping each pupil to play the rhythm for Wild Thing. Expert tuition is give about which strings and frets we need to play.

Year 7 are hopeful of accompanying the Lansdowne Choir with Wild Thing during a future assembly.

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