Lively Lansdowne School Choir Rehearsal

The Lansdowne School Choir has been enjoying rehearsing with some new backing instruments. Staff members Mr Gratton and Kit have added in a keyboard to the guitar and piano backing. This helps to make the weekly Thursday morning sessions a lively gathering.

We start off with a gentle stretching of the vocal chords. Mr Gratton works with the Choir members to move up and down the musical scale.

The pupils were then ready to perform their first song for the session – Van Halen’s Jump. The Choir keyboards add an extra excitement for the students as they sing. It helps that the chorus encourages plenty of physical activity!

Some old Lansdowne favourites were also rehearsed at a recent session. Mr Gratton asked the Choir if they remembered the words and signs for Walking on Sunshine and Tomorrow. The rehearsal ended with a wonderful rendition of Waving Flag.

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